Holidays gite of charm renting up to 10 people. In the core of Pyrenees.Situated between le Pic du Midi, the Col du Tourmalet, Aspin, Bagneres de Bigorre La Mongie Grand Tourmalet/Bareges. A traditional house renovated enterely. It’s an ideal place to spend agreable holidays in the Campan Valley at all seasons.


Little story of the Barn of Gassiole

Leon and Léonie Baylac Domenge Troy, my grand grand parents, would be surely happy to see their barn, where they had worked so hard. Arranged and transformed by their grand daugther into a lodging of charm.

Gassiole is the typical house-barn of the vallée de Campan which sheltered with the family and the herd of cows. The first floor was used has hayloft.

We wanted to perpetuate the tradition of “these men and these women of the past. Those of La Hosse and the vicinity around. They where hardworking people and courageous, able to make with their hands beautiful things which still astonish us” MARCELLIN BEROT.

It is this spirit and this love which they transmitted to us that we would like to share whith you.


Thanks to all the people who helped us!

April 2010 /Avril 2011… That is there, Gassiole took life again, here is the rebirth of: “La Grange de Gassiole”!

This one grew very quickly thanks to the investment of a great number of people who offered us their time, their energy, their skil fulness, their patience (and yes! smile, I know that it was necessary !!!!).

Initially the companies, can be contacted with the eyes closed!

I think that you, like all, have been attracted by the photographs of the roof and the staircase, this is the work of Mr. Guy Amaré and his carpenters/roofers.

Walls out of stone, joints, openings, “penaous” assembled by masons by reputed masons of the limited liability company Montero, in the pure tradition.

Our project manager drywall, plumber, tiler, carpenter, « idéeiste » : designer… finally… everything ! without their help we would not have done much. Our Jackof all trades. Bernard Gouerand.

Connections with the hidden assemblies, which make that water arrives in the drains without leakage! our preferred entertainer plumber is his real job! G. Hernandez.

Jean-Louis et Claudette Bottesi, without whom the farm (Gassiole) would not have been lit up, we are thankfull to our electrician and to his kind wife.

Jackyduv for which I had held the most interesting work however! For all its constructions in plates, wood, squares… generally hidden, painful (as not to say anything else !), I recognize…! But essential… Like with his 2 assistants: my son Remi, then Domi, his helpfull wife, artist who would pick up stone scattered everywhere, she is sespecialised in decorating slates.

Our external Project superintendent, without whom all would pass over edge! excavator, driver, digger, gutter worker… Claude and his assistant, my husband Bruno.

We had also a family of “Romans” and of “Polish”, who carried stones, built low walls, created pavements… The Family Basset, Eric nicknamed Aziz and Jean-Pierre nicknamed the Banker!

Painters like they did a good job, doing it without any stains : Anne-Marie and Philippe Cuier, presidents of the painting section, without forgetting Anne and Helene.

My uncle Marcel and his dextrous work, always effective in the completions and designer of many objects, in particular in the letter-boxes!

Gaston Baylac, for his neat construction of the small slate roofs, which make the charm of the mezzanine.

Jeanette Maillot,
with her haute couture planes, which add a note of beauty on the charm of the barn.

And then, Serge Lussagnet for his feathers tricks in feathers, Alain and Mado, for all the wood they offered us, that can be found in the staircase, shelves…

Denise Bordere for the authentic tables, Jean Claude Viau, who offered me his own stove iron plate of which I dreamt of… As Gilbert Jumère for his designing of the blocks into bed tables!

Those without whom you could not discover us and read in this moment, our site creators: Gérard, the Sébastiens and Sylvie of ACID Creation.

And especially those without which nothing could have been done: my grand grandparents, associated with Papa and Mom!

I am very much thankful to you all !!! Where could la Grange de Gassiole be whithout you ???

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The Barn of Gassiole – Chemin de la Hosse - Galade - 65710 Campan.
Hiring lodging of charm, old sheep-fold restored into a house of holidays being able to accommodate up to10 people, very comfortable. To rent in all seasons for your stay holidays in the Pyrenees. Our village is at 15 minutes of Bagnères de Bigorre, access ski stations, biking or mountain biking and excursions, mythical cols of the Tour de France: Aspin and Tourmalet. Pic du Midi, Gavarnie, Lourdes, thermal cures at a watering-place: Aquensis, golf 18 holes.